Friday, October 21, 2011

Mushroom Workshop

Hannah with Chanterelles.  Photo courtesy of Trevor.
Hannah asked me to lead an edible mushroom workshop today for several of her friends.  I started with a 45 minute presentation on how to ID mushrooms and several other intro topics, and then took the 6 participants to the Hundred  Acre Woods to pick mushrooms.  We found several Matte Jacks and Fat Jacks, some nice Shaggy Parasols, a few Shrimp Russulas, some small Hedgehog Mushrooms and Amethyst Laccarius, a nice Boletus mirabilis, and a large Oyster Mushroom, and then just when we started dragging our heals, Trevor spotted a massive clump of White Chanterelles.  Several more clumps surrounded the first one, and we all ended up with large baskets full.  They were growing in fairly open terrain toward the top of the hill.  Some were under salal, many growing out of moss.  A few of the Chanterelles were exceptionally large and there were a couple doubles.  Some had maggots in them, which I don’t often see in chanterelles around here because most places always get thoroughly picked.  We cooked up three pounds of mushrooms for some Chanterelle pasta.
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