Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Blackcap Raspberries (Rubus leucodermis) are as beautiful as they are delicious. Yesterday while picking, these ripening fruit inspired a photo shoot. Look for Blackcaps in clear-cuts and sunny forest edges. They normally ripen throughout July, but it has been an early year, so get them before the dry up!

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  1. Blackcaps are huge out here in Michigan where they're *the* berry to pick for pies and jams. Back when I lived in WA they seemed to be scoffed at as inferior. Rubus ursinus was king (at least as far as my pie-making stepmother was concerned), especially in 2 year old clearcuts.

    We have a variation on the black-cap out here that produces a yellow berry -- kind of interesting, and something I never saw in Washington.

  2. Love the creative and beautiful images as well as content of this blog!

  3. I love this blog its really awesome

  4. Blackcap Raspberries is one of my favorite berry and i really thanks To God who created such delicious food for us thanks..