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Mark Turner and Phyllis Gustafson’s book Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest is a superb field guide and website well suited for beginner and enjoyed by seasoned botanists.  It has the best browsing functions of any website we have seen allowing you to browse thumbnailed images by flower color, flower type, as well as plant families.  Plant accounts include plant descriptions, excellent range maps, and superb photographs.

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Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast popularly called “Pojar and Mackinnon” (the editors) is perhaps the best plant field guide on the market, authored by leading scholars of botany, ecology, lichenology, and ethnobotany it is used by novices and experts alike.  This book boasts nearly comprehensive coverage of native plants (with limited coverage of introduced species).  Plant accounts include photographs, range maps, distinguishing characteristics, related species, and ethnobotanical gems.

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Flora of the Pacific Northwest by Hitchcock and Cronquist is the classic authority for our region.  Condensed from their exhaustive 5 volume set Vascular Plants of the Pacific Northwest, this single volume brick provides keys and limited illustrations of our flora.  The 40 years since it was published have done little to alter the usefulness of this book to serious botanists.

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