Foraging Courses, Instructors, and Blogs

-Be sure and check out my course calendar and events I participate in.
-Royal Roads University in Victoria BC offers non-degree courses on Wild Foods of Southern Vancouver Island, ethnobotany, and more.
-University of Victoria School of Environmental Studies in Victoria BC has undergraduate and graduate level courses in Ethnobotany, Ethnoecology, Traditional Systems of Land and Resource Management, Urban Ethnoecology.
-Fairhaven College in Bellingham WA has degree oriented courses in Wild Food, Ethnobotany, and Ethnoecology.
-Whatcom Community College in Bellingham has a course in Ethnobotany
-John Kallas of Wild Food Adventures in Portland OR offers a large selection of classes and has an excellent wild food book.  His website also has wild food book reviews.
-Jennifer Hahn of Pacific Feasts in Bellingham WA has a wild food book and teaches courses.
-Ryan Drum is an herbalist, teacher and plant forager based on Waldron Island in the San Juans.  He provides classes, top of the line dried seaweeds and herbs and great on-line articles.  See his website
-Langdon Cook, a Seattle WA forager offers a blog with excellent wild food recipes, book reviews, and adventures.  He also has a book by the same title as his blog, Fat of the Land.
-Elise Krohn of Wild Foods and Medicines is a tireless advocate of Indigenous food and medicine.  She shares her vast knowledge of wild foods and herbal healing in thorough online articles.  She has also collaborated with Native American Elders throughout western Washington to author two books, and continues to teach through Northwest Indian College’s Traditional Plants and Foods Program.
-Kim and Chris Chisholm operate Wolf Camp and Wolf College in Western WA which offers wild food courses (and more) for youth and adults.
-Earthwalk Northwest in Issaquah WA offers a variety of wild food workshops and dinners.
-Leslie Seaton of Fresh-Picked Seattle maintains a website with food events and resources from around the Puget Sound.  Of special interest are her list of wild edible and medicinal classes and her calendar.
-Heidi Bohan from Carnation WA is an author and teacher of workshops related to plant technology, foraging, ethnobotany, and more.  See her website for more information.
-Rewild Portland offers camps and programs for youth and adults.  Director Peter Michael Bauer also has an interesting blog about his wildcrafting adventures as Urban Scout.
-Kevin Curran teaches an ethnobotany class at USD in San Diego and maintains an interesting website called Ethnoherbalist where he explores the health benefits and cultural history of various medicinal plants. He also critically examines scientific literature concerning herbal remedies to see if healing claims are supported or refuted.

-Kevin FeinStein of Feral Kevin is a California Bay Area CA forager who offers courses, blog articles and videos.
-Sam Thayer of Forager’s Harvest has two best selling wild food books and offers many wild food products and workshops.  His website also has great wild food and plant ID book reviews.
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